Anna Lane Bowen Therapy

About Anna Lane Bowen Therapy

Anna Lane has more than thirty years experience working with animals, as well as being a pet owner and breeder. Her approach to their care combines her knowledge of animal conformation, with an understanding of holistic well being and the practice of complimentary medicines, to maintain an animal's health and vitality throughout its years.

During her studies in Bowen Therapy, and as an All Breeds Canine conformation judge, Anna has gained a deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of animals. She has expanded her knowledge in conformation and re-alignment, the way the body resets and heals itself with the maneuvering of muscles, tendons and ligaments, and techniques to address fascia or connective tissue problems and pain.

As a skilled Australian and International Bowen Therapist, Anna has worked mainly with small, medium and large dogs, cats, birds and rabbits but is equally adept in assisting to improve and maintain the health and well being of other animals. She performs each course of treatment in consultation with veterinary practises, to ensure the best outcome for all animals in her care.

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